The repair was done perfectly. The Libherr refrigerator is out of order due to a power surge. Quickly and quickly diagnosed the problem – burned control board. We repaired it during the day, including the purchase of parts. Thank you.


At me the department of a freezer in refrigerator Bosh has ceased to work and that products in a freezer finally did not die urgently began to search for the expert. Responded very quickly, all fixed in the agreed time. Thank you)


Called the master, called back quickly, clarified the breakdown and convenient time for repairs. Master came changed the compressor, now the refrigerator is working, thank the master for the work done.


Service is good, the master arrived on time, made repairs qualitatively, put a new thermostat on the refrigerator, gave a guarantee.


There was an extremely positive impression of this company services. Excellent service, quality of service and responsiveness to the application. Thank you very much for traveling to such areas as Obukhovskiy.


Respond to the call instantly, before leaving call back specify all the details. Come with all necessary spare parts. They give a guarantee for repairs, which is not of little importance. Thank you for efficiency.


Formed an application through the site. Tied up quickly. The master arrived the same day. Have made the diagnosis, fixed the refrigerator. Have given a guarantee for repair + inexpensively took for work. I recommend


For a long time they could not find a master with a trip to Gostomel. Thanks to your firm, for the quality work (the fan broke down), diagnostics and efficiency.
+ warranty
+ service price


A friend advised this firm. Flowed freon, they wanted to change the refrigerator. But thanks to the guys, they came all repaired, even gave a guarantee. And it cost less than a new refrigerator))) Thank you. I recommend


Find a master at the exit to the area is complicated, Thank your firm. The refrigerator is old at the dacha, it is a shame to throw it away, the new is expensive. We contacted the firm, they clarified everything, agreed. We arrived at the appointed time, all repaired. Thank you very much.


He stopped cooling the refrigerator. I began to look for a master, I did not think that it was so difficult to find a master in Bucha with an exit. They left an application for the site, called back very quickly, clarified everything, agreed on the arrival time of the master. All repaired. Thank you.


Prompt, high-quality, polite communication. And affordability in price. Replacing the compressor. I recommend