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Choosing a water heater

Turning off hot water is not uncommon in our country. That is why every year an increasing number of families acquire water heaters. Indeed, thanks to this device you can have uninterrupted supply of hot water, regardless of any factors. Now the stores offer a wide range of water heaters. However, n...


TV set for the kitchen

The kitchen, like other living spaces, is a very important place. A place where every day all family members gather to eat, talk, discuss the main news of the day. Very often guests, relatives, neighbors come to you. A hospitable host will always offer to spend time together and will not deny attent...


Care of the refrigerator

 How to wash the refrigerator? In this article, we present one of the options for anti-bacterial treatment of your refrigerator and several ways to eliminate unpleasant odors. Everything  below is given in this material is not mandatory, since each housewife has its own cleaning technology, perha...


Choosing a washing machine

Choosing a washing machine is quite a challenge. In household appliance stores, as a rule, a wide selection of well-known brands of washing machines is presented - Bosch, Samsung, Gorenje, Indezit, Lg ... All these manufacturers do not require additional recommendations, here the choice remains for ...

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How to choose a new refrigerator?

No matter how much we want this, no matter how we get used to it, over time it becomes necessary, due to the inexpediency of repairing the refrigerator or due to technical old age, to think about buying a new refrigerator. We provide you with the fact-finding material to make it easier for you to de...

repair of refridgerators

Can I repair appliances yourself?

We are all accustomed to our little helpers in everyday life. However, if we are talking about a refrigerator, a washing machine or a dishwasher, then it is problematic to call these devices small. However, all household appliances - from the air conditioner to the toaster - cannot last forever, bre...