On the repair of refrigerators

On the repair of refrigerators

Repair of modern refrigerators is a complex and not always fast process; mechanics for repairing refrigerators should have knowledge and skills: welding, repair of electrical and electronic parts of a refrigerator . After all, a modern refrigerator is no longer a grandmother's refrigerator with three spare parts - a motor-compressor, a starting relay and a thermostat. A modern refrigerator is controlled by an electronic control module, the temperature is read by electronic sensors, electronic defrost control system no frost, etc.

We will not delve deeply into the technical aspects of components and parts of the refrigerator, but simply try to explain to you the meaning of the details from the point of view of the consumer, for a common understanding.

Refrigerator compressor motor - the name itself says that this part consists of two parts: an electric motor consisting as always of a rotor and a stator and a compressor consisting of a piston and a valve as usual. An electric motor drives a compressor that pumps refrigerant through the refrigerator system. In a word, the motor-compressor is literally the heart of a refrigeration unit. In the latest generations are used inverter motor-compressors.

The condenser of air cooling of the refrigerator is the heat exchange part, the refrigerant coming from the motor-compressor cools down to the condensation temperature, becomes liquid. More clearly, this is a grill from the back of your refrigerator; in other models it can be sealed in the refrigerator cabinet.

The filter drier - the  refrigerant enters from the condenser through the filter into the capillary tube, the filter prevents clogging of the capillary tube and cleans the refrigerant from moisture.

The evaporator of the refrigerator -  like the condenser described above, is part of the heat exchange, just the opposite. The refrigerant enters the evaporator through a capillary tube, where, in turn, the cold is given to the products and through the return pipeline, already in the gaseous refrigerant returns to the compressor and so on in a circle.

Electronic module of the refrigerator -  if the motor-compressor is the heart, then the control module, without exaggeration, the brain of the refrigerator is controlled by a microprocessor, which reads the temperature sensors, controls the dampers, pulse valves, on / off of the refrigerator.

The thermostat is  also a thermostat, more simply a mechanical temperature switch that turns your refrigerator on and off when it reaches a predetermined temperature, according to the principle of compression during cooling and decompression when the gas is heated in the bellows of the device, which in turn affects the thermostat contact group.

A temperature sensor (sensor) is  an electronic element thermistor, which changes its resistance from the values ​​of temperature. The thermistor reading is read by the control module.

Start-protective relay motor compressor - the name speaks for itself, serves to start and protect the motor-compressor.

Refrigerator damper -  used in refrigerators with the system no frost, opens or closes the flow of cold air when the set temperature in the refrigerator compartment is reached.

Blowing fan we mean the system fan no frost, accelerates cold air through the refrigerator.