How to choose a new refrigerator?

How to choose a new refrigerator?

No matter how much we want this, no matter how we get used to it, over time it becomes necessary, due to the inexpediency of repairing the refrigerator or due to technical old age, to think about buying a new refrigerator. We provide you with the fact-finding material to make it easier for you to decide on the choice of a new refrigerator.

The size of the refrigerator  is the first thing to look out for. Decide on the place where the refrigerator will be installed, measure the height, width, depth and do not forget about the free space for air circulation - the refrigerator should not be brought close to the wall. We also take into account the place for free opening of the refrigerator doors - a distance equal to the thickness of the doors (4-6 cm.) On both sides, in case of overweight of the doors in the refrigerator to the other side.

Single-chamber refrigerators are  cheap and reliable, but at the same time not very convenient - not a large volume, frequent defrosting, because if you need to use one of the compartments, warm air gets into the entire refrigerator and therefore freezes very quickly, especially in the warm season.

Two-compartment refrigerators  - convenient, reliable, practical, have separate access to the freezing and refrigerating chambers, subject to the rules of operation, in the absence of faults, the need to defrost as a rule every six months. In these refrigerators, several modifications of the freezer compartment can be either at the top or the bottom, a drip system and no frost (without frost) system, mechanically and electronically controlled, are used. It can be one or two compressor, which in turn makes it possible to turn off one of the chambers of the refrigerator if necessary.

Side by side (side by side)  - convenient, practical, large volume of cameras, high-tech, have several modifications. At the same time, due to the vertical location of the chambers, the large dimensions and price do not make these refrigerators particularly popular in our country.

Drip system  - the defrosting of the refrigeration compartment occurs after each automatic shutdown of the refrigerator due to temperature, water flows through the drainage system to the cap located on the compressor, from where it evaporates, you just have to watch the meltwater drain hole located in the lower part of the refrigeration compartment so that it does not clog otherwise water will flow into the fridge.

No frost (without frost) system  - in this embodiment, the evaporator is hidden from the user's eyes, the circulation of cold air is carried out using a fan. Defrost occurs automatically with the help of heaters at the command of a timer, water flows through the drainage system to the compressor cap and evaporates. The advantages of this system are that it needs to be defrosted once a year to sanitize the refrigerator.

Refrigerator capacity  - this indicator in refrigerators is measured in liters and must be individually selected by each consumer; if you have a large family or you buy food for a month in front, then you naturally need more volume than a two-person family. If you freeze a lot of fruit, then in this case it is best to use a separate freezer.