French Door Refrigerators

French Door Refrigerators

The twenty first century can be called the epoch of multi-door refrigerators. There are much more requirements for today's kitchen appliances than for the ones that were in use earlier - it is not enough for it to simply be a container of food, it is necessary that access to food should be as easy and fast as possible so that everything is ergonomic and practical. Models such as French Door fully meet the urgent needs of users, as evidenced by their steadily growing popularity.

What do French refrigerators look like?

French Dor models partially inherited the features of Side Side Side - refrigerators with hinged doors a la cupboard. The flaps belong to the main, cooling, section, under which the freezer is located - it can consist of one compartment or be divided into 2-3 drawers with convenient sections. A number of brands, in particular, LG, are introducing a special transformable chamber, which is capable of supporting refrigeration, freezing or “zero” conditions, depending on what specifically needs to be stored.
Traditionally, the freezer is retractable, but some manufacturers still deviate from the rules and hang the same hinged doors as on the refrigerator. Such models are the closest relatives of Side by Side, and sometimes even coincide with them in size. The only difference is in the layout of the freezer - it is always based at the bottom, most often divided into 2 vertical sections.
In the French Dor lineup, there are not only stand-alone, but also embedded models - Signature from the popular LG brand is a prime example.
As the name implies, the concept of "multi-trust" was developed by French engineers. The French Door prototypes were special ice storage cabinets, which were common in France in the 1930s. The idea was refined (initially the technician did not expect work from the network), and at the beginning of the two thousandth the public was presented with a device capable of containing an impressive amount of provisions without a claim to seize a large territory. Simply put, refrigerators have become bulky, but much less cumbersome in comparison with competitors - Side by Side Americans, in whose offices stand “shoulder to shoulder”.
The typical dimensions of the French Dor refrigerators are: height from 1.6 to 2 meters, width within 0.6-1.2 m, depth in the range from 0.55 to 0.9 m. The minimum capacity is 320 liters, the maximum capacity is 650.
American appliances, unless we are talking about real giants, are somewhat detrimental to buyers in terms of organizing the freezer compartment - the shelves are narrow and it is not always convenient to place products on them. The French provided freedom at the same time to the refrigerating and freezing chambers, in fact, equalizing their rights. Thus, users have the opportunity to load entire trays and trays without interference. Today, refrigerators with French doors are present in the assortment of almost all respected brands - mentioned by LG, Samsung, Liebherr, Bosch, SMEG, Electrolux, Haier, Vestfrost, Hotpoint-Ariston, Whirlpool, Gaggenau, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Panasonic.

Pros of fridges with french doors

Large capacity with relative compactness is not all that representatives of the French Door class can boast of. Other advantages include the following:
• “Golden” net volume - it is about 400 liters, which greatly exceeds the capabilities of a conventional refrigerator. At the same time, this indicator is slightly less than that of Side Side models, which many disappoint with excessive cumbersomeness (and of course, a very immodest cost). It turns out a kind of compromise option that fully meets the needs of the average user.
• Minimum risk of "leakage" of cold - when opening the freezer in the form of a drawer, it is better to retain cold air than the same department of Side By Side.
• A good overview of the contents - hinged "Americans" have a very elongated shape, which makes the products lying on the upper shelves difficult to reach. In the freezer lower and wide French Dor, due to the lower location, everything is in full view - the products are well viewed, without the hassle of being loaded and retrieved.
• High wear resistance - the retractable design of the freezer deserves praise as the most durable - ordinary doors that open to the side (especially if they are wide) are “frustrated” more often. The cold room also makes you happy: thanks to a well-thought-out shelf system, the owners have a clear idea of ​​where to find this or that food, they don’t have to open both door leaves at once, and therefore, they are not threatened with early wear. It also prevents the loss of cold, plus reduces the load on the compressor - it runs longer and does not waste extra electricity.
• Quick access to "popular goods" - progressive models of French Dor receive a system of shelves, which is hung in the form of an additional door to the main one. This is an ideal place to store the most “demanded” food, soft drinks and drugs - to get to them, you do not have to throw open the entire chamber wide open, which saves a lot of energy. Externally, the “door to door” is completely invisible - if you do not know about the existence of a special opening button, its presence will remain a mystery to others. Visually this brilliant idea is demonstrated by people from the LG family - the brand that was the first to implement the concept in practice.

Technologies used in French Door refrigerators

Models with a French door are distinguished not only by a well-thought-out design, but also by an ultra-modern functionality. The following technologies deserve special attention:
• Duo Cooling (two cooling circuits) - a system that provides independent cooling of the refrigerating and freezing chambers: each works in its own mode, the most suitable for storing food. This approach reduces energy costs, and the smells from the refrigerator and freezers never mix.
Following the double-circuit cooling, the three-circuit came to the technical world. The Triple Cooling system is being introduced into Samsung refrigerators, which have 2 independent freezing sections (by the way, this is a great example of models with two pairs of swing doors).
• Power Cooling - air ventilation inside the chamber. Due to it, cold air flows qualitatively blow each shelf, a stable microclimate is established, in which all products are in equal conditions.
• Super Cool (supercooling) - the mode in which the refrigerator lowers the temperature to the very minimum in order to accelerate the cooling of incoming products. It is relevant for situations where food is purchased and loaded in large quantities: food that is already in the chamber does not suffer from a sudden loss of cold, which “pulls” onto itself newly arrived provisions. Similarly, the quick freeze mode - Super Frost.
• Bio Fresh (zone of freshness, zero camera) - a dedicated section for the long-term storage of food (meat / fish / seafood / greens / cheeses / fruit-vegetables). The temperature is maintained at the same level - just above 0 degrees, the humidity is usually regulated (often the compartment is divided into two boxes, from low to 50%, and high degree of humidity). The increase in “life”, depending on the type of food, ranges from several days (for tender berries) to a whole month (for hard fruits, citrus fruits and vegetables).
• Automated defrosting of No Frost - owners of equipment can forget about the routine defrost of ice: it simply does not form, as condensate is timely discharged into special tanks, and then evaporates naturally. The system not only eliminates the hassle, but also guarantees the safety of the quality of products.
• Ice Maker (generation of ice) - an option that allows you to get ready-made food ice in the form of cubes or chips. A device connected to the water supply takes over the whole process; Replaceable filters are usually provided to improve water quality. Upon request (by pressing the corresponding button), the developed ice is fed into a special window outside the refrigerator, it is not necessary to open the freezer. In case of need units give out and purified cold water.
Fans of homemade soda should take a closer look at Samsung's RF24HSESBSR / WT model: the smart technology prepares and gives out pops with any concentration of gas.
• Child protection - a technology that blocks the opening of doors and unsafe random access to the control panel.
• Antibacterial protection - the chambers of the refrigerator receive a special sprayed coating that prevents the growth of bacteria. Thus, the products are protected from premature spoilage and the appearance of an unpleasant "sweetheart."
Continuing the theme of the organization of internal space, we note the usefulness of shelves of sliding, folding and folding type. The first ones, equipped with telescopic rails, facilitate access to the remote corners of the camera — in order to reach a distant product, it is enough to pull the shelf towards itself, and it will immediately “approach”. The second ones are good because they can not be pulled out, but simply pushed aside, making room for large utensils. Still others, by adjusting the width, also simplify the placement of high tableware - the one that is put on the “floor” below.
In the class of "French" there is a tendency to switch from linear to inverter compressors. In comparison with traditional ones, they consume significantly less energy, work much quieter, provide faster freezing and ice preparation, and most importantly, wear out more slowly - their activity does not imply constant switching on and off. It is logical that such motors significantly increase the cost of refrigerators, which are already very expensive, but manufacturers promise that over time, investments will pay off with reduced expenses for electricity.

The most outstanding models

• Vacuum Storage Refrigerator - Hitachi R-SF 48 CMU T
The peculiarity of this device is in the presence of a special chamber, from which with the help of a special pump all air is evacuated. Due to this action, as well as the availability of reliable seals, an ideal microclimate is created inside - extremely unfavorable for the life of microbes and slowing down oxidation processes. The temperature is kept at zero degrees.
• Hot Frost Refrigerator - Mitsubishi Electric MR-Z69W
The following refrigerator is also equipped with a “special purpose” camera - you can load hot food into it without the risk of harming already chilled food and lose the “sensitive” utensils that are afraid of temperature changes. A big plus is that the compressor does not experience the slightest overload. As soon as the food enters the isolated compartment, the sensor measures its temperature, and then directed cold air is blown.
• Refrigerator with integrated coffee machine - GE Caf Series French Door Refrigerator with Keurig K-Cup Brewing System
The presence of such a unit eliminates the need to purchase an electric kettle and coffee maker. Strange as it may sound, a boiler is installed in the refrigerator, ready to give boiling hot or warm water through the dispenser at the user's command (the program starts from an external control panel or from a smartphone). Well, the main feature of this complex device is coffee cooking using capsule technology: the developers have added a coffee machine model from the American company Keurig. The capsules, which the device “refills”, are being produced by the very same brand - by now, the assortment includes over four hundred types of drink, not only coffee, but also cocoa and all sorts of tea. The process of preparing drinks takes a maximum of four minutes, the volume of servings (and, accordingly, the strength of the brewing) is regulated.
• Interactive fridge - Viomi Intelligent French Four-door Refrigerator
There are plenty of talents in this model: silent operation (thanks to an inverter compressor), energy savings, voice commands to synchronize with other kitchen appliances: a programmed refrigerator can connect to a stove, coffee maker, oven, kettle or other kitchen unit to turn it on independently. The refrigerator turned out to be extremely sociable and active - it notifies about the current temperature inside the cameras (including transmitting information to the smartphone if the owner is away from home), broadcasts video with culinary recipes, plays musical compositions, and can even buy food from the online store. By connecting the refrigerator with the phone via bluetooth, the user can receive incoming calls directly from the equipment panel - for this, a speakerphone is implemented.