Choosing a water heater

Choosing a water heater

Turning off hot water is not uncommon in our country. That is why every year an increasing number of families acquire water heaters. Indeed, thanks to this device you can have uninterrupted supply of hot water, regardless of any factors. Now the stores offer a wide range of water heaters. However, not everyone knows how to choose the right model.

First you need to understand that all water heaters can be gas or electric. The first type of heater is the most economical, because gas is much cheaper than electricity. Do not confuse modern heaters with gas columns, which were before. After all, now they have excellent performance and beautiful modern design. When choosing this heater, pay attention to its power. If you use it infrequently and only in the bathroom, then choose a model with a capacity of not more than 19 kW. In case you plan to bathe often and turn on hot water in the bathroom and kitchen, choose options with a capacity of up to 28 kW. It is worth noting that gas water heaters can be installed both in apartments and in private houses. To install a gas heater in the apartment, you need a special permit.

Electric models of water heaters can be flowing and accumulative. The second variant of heaters is different in that for work it is enough just to plug it in. Also, thanks to this device, you can simultaneously use hot water in the kitchen and bathroom. It is worth noting that such models are large in size, which is a disadvantage for owners of small apartments. If you choose a model with a heating element. Which comes into contact with water, it must be periodically cleaned of scale. Therefore, it is better to choose models in which the heating element does not come into contact with water. In order for the water in the storage heater to become warm, it needs some time to warm up.

As for the flow models, the water in them heats up and immediately flows out. This makes it possible to obtain warm water that has just been heated. Warm water will begin to flow immediately after opening the faucet, which is very convenient. Such models do not require constant maintenance repair services. It is possible to install the flowing heating water heater in any room. The only disadvantage of such models is a large consumption of electrical energy.

All water heaters can be horizontal and vertical. It is best to choose the vertical option, because it is in it that the water will heat up much faster. Horizontal models are installed in those apartments where there is no possibility to install a vertical model. 

Pay attention to the capacity of the heater so that the water flow is sufficient. If you want a dish washing heater, then choose a capacity of three liters per minute. Three to four liters per minute is enough for a shower. If you want to use water simultaneously at several points, then choose a capacity of up to eight liters of water per minute. Experts recommend not to choose models with a capacity of less than four liters per minute.

Thus, we can conclude that the choice of water heater is an important and responsible matter. Please note that the volume of the tank should not be less than fifty liters. Have a good choice!