Choosing a new fridge

Choosing a new fridge

You need a new refrigerator, but you do not know how to choose a reliable option? After all, the number of proposals is very large and it is not always clear what is the general difference between one model and another. The article will help you make the right choice and distinguish the necessary functionality from the not always useful options.

The size of the refrigerator

The size. This is the first thing to decide. The size of your refrigerator depends on the place in your kitchen or in the room where you plan to put it. The larger the room, the larger the dimensions of the refrigerator. The best size for average kitchens of 8-10 square meters will be a refrigerator 60 * 60 cm (width * depth).

Useful volume

Useful volume. This is how much food will fit in the refrigerator in liters. This indicator is common to all cameras together. The production experts derived a formula for the minimum useful volume: 120 liters per person is taken and 60 liters is added for each of the other family members. If you like to do stocks, you should think about a larger volume, but do not forget that this figure directly depends on the size of the refrigerator itself. If you have a standard kitchen and you need a compact, classic size refrigerator, then it is unlikely to hold 500 liters.

Cooling type

Type of cooling / freezing. If you need a small refrigerator and there is no need to freeze food, and it is enough to keep them cooled, then you can stop the choice on thermoelectric or absorption models - they are silent and durable to use. Often purchased in offices and hotels. The same cooling system is equipped with portable refrigerators for traveling in cars. If you need a full-fledged refrigeration and freezing assistant in your kitchen, then you will have to choose between compressor models.

Number and type of compressors

The number and type of compressors. This is the most important technical parameter, because it determines how much your refrigerator will be noisy and how long it will last. Single-compressor models are the most popular, they are cheaper, but more noisy in comparison with the two-compressor version and do not allow shutting off the cameras separately. On the other hand, in modern refrigerators with one compressor there is an option “Vacation”, which will switch the refrigerating chamber to economy mode, and the freezer will continue to work.
Dual-compressor models are more expensive, but are considered, according to experts, more reliable and economical to repair, allow you to disconnect the storage chambers separately, which can be useful in case of a long absence, when it is convenient to leave only the freezer intended for long-term storage. In addition, models with two compressors are less noisy.
So far we have talked about the linear type of compressor, which works on the principle of on / off. But there is also an inventory type of compressor. Inventory refrigerator works constantly, practically silent, more durable, more economical in terms of energy consumption, but it is afraid of voltage surges and costs more. If in your apartment / house there is a voltage regulator and the price does not play a decisive role for you, then the inventory option for you will be the best solution.

Noise level

Noise level. This option is very important for housewives who spend most of their time in the kitchen. The recommended noise level for modern refrigerators is 40 dB and below.


Thawing. This technical parameter is also worth deciding in advance. Modern models offer the following systems: drip - condensate independently flows along the back wall into a special opening, sometimes forming frost; No Frost - without frost; and Full No Frost - the complete absence of frost, not only in the refrigerator, but also in the freezer. The advantages of the latter options seem obvious, but before you overpay for such comfort you should also consider the disadvantages of No Frost systems. Constant air circulation, the so-called airflow, contributes to quick airing and drying of products. If you follow the packaging and do not have the habit of putting dishes in the fridge open, the No Frost option is still preferable. As for Full No frost, the advantages fade a little, if you know

power usage

Power usage. This characteristic is of concern to many, since the growth of electricity tariffs does not stop. As for refrigerators, then, as for other household appliances, the most economical are the options labeled A, A +, A ++, A +++. The more advantages, the less energy consumption. In order to present energy consumption in monetary terms, it is necessary to look at the energy consumption value of kWh / year in the data sheet. Multiplying the specified rate on the tariff, you get the annual amount of your costs for the refrigerator.

Additional functions

Additional options or useful stuff. When the basic parameters are defined, you can safely move on to pleasant trifles in the form of additional options that consultants like to talk about. Only options that you will use constantly or which will contribute to a certain convenience at a specific important moment can be considered really useful. For example, you should pay attention to whether the refrigerator has wheels - this will facilitate its subsequent transportation and installation. The “open door indicator” option is also useful, which will help prevent, if not damage to the refrigerator, then at least damage food. The option of autonomous cold storage will save food fresh in the event of a long power outage. If you like permutations, Then pay attention to the ability to outweigh the refrigerator door from one side to the other. If the room is cramped, choose doors with flat or built-in handles. It is better to choose glass shelves - it is easier to wash and the products are all visible. The light is more convenient halogen and on the sides - a better overview.
Pay attention to the smell inside the new fridge. It should not smell like cheap plastic - this may indicate a poor quality of the material.
And of course, when you buy, be sure to check your refrigerator for the absence of external defects, scratches, which may be the result of a violation of transportation rules and damage to internal elements.


So, going for a new refrigerator, first of all, you should decide on the size and the technical parameters specified in the article, maintainability of the refrigerator, and only then go on to the options. Do not let consultants confuse you and choose only useful options, so as not to regret the wasted funds. And do not forget about the control of external quality! Have a good shopping!