Choosing a kitchen stove

Choosing a kitchen stove

According to the location of the plate can be divided into separate, which are separated, and recessed, which are inscribed in the design of kitchen furniture. Moreover, built-in type plates will have a higher price. But the main separation of cookers is carried out according to the principle of their work: some cookers work from gas, others from electricity, and still others are cookers of the combined type. In turn, these large groups are divided into smaller ones. Take, for example, electric stoves: among them there are classic, electric and glass-ceramic stoves. 

Let us consider in more detail glass-ceramic plates: they have a smooth mirror surface with burners marked on it. Due to the flat surface of the dishes on these plates will never turn over. The strength of the glass-ceramic coating on these plates is such that it allows you to drop a cast-iron pan without consequences. 

The thermal conductivity of this type of plates is high when compared with the parameters of traditional types of plates. In the glass-ceramic plates, the burners heat up almost instantly, the red-hot spiral very quickly transfers its heat to the dish through the glass. In addition, some models of glass-ceramic plates have double-circuit burners that allow you to choose the heating area, including either a larger or smaller diameter. And the hotplates provide an opportunity to use the heating zone, which has an oval shape, this is achieved by switching the mode in which an additional section of the heater is activated. Thus, instead of a round ring, an oval ring is obtained, which is required to ensure uniform conditions for heating oval-shaped dishes, for example, utyatnits.

The advantages of glass-ceramic burners can be attributed to the presence of a special indicator, which indicates the level of residual heat, that is, it will be possible to easily determine the uncooked hotplate. 

Now we turn to the shortcomings that exist in glass-ceramic plates. These will include the low side of the stove, which allows the escaped liquid to flow from its surface directly onto the kitchen floor. And if the liquid pours into the neighboring, unheated burner, then the surface of the stove may crack and require replacement, which will take a considerable amount. More for ceramic plates will need to use expensive high-quality dishes that have a flat, smooth bottom.

An alternative to the use of ceramic plates may be ordinary electric, it will be cheaper and even ceramic is more practical, because the burners in the classical electric stoves have a higher resistance to mechanical and thermal effects, naturally reduces the chance to take advantage of garage facilities. True, the food on such a stove will cook slower than on a ceramic stove.

And what about gas stoves? They come with a different surface: it can be stainless, and it can be painted with special hard white or colored enamel that is perfectly washable. Modern plates began to be equipped with removable grates, supports, which is very convenient for use, because this grid can be washed separately, even with the use of a dishwasher.

Possible gas leakage in such plates is controlled automatically, for this they are equipped with the Gas Control system. This system will turn off the gas itself, if the flame suddenly goes out, it means you can not be afraid of leakage, even if the escaped liquid floods the flame.

Even gas stoves have the function of electric ignition, that is, the gas is ignited using an electronic ignition machine, you just turn the knob. 

Gas stoves are equipped with burners with two ring burners having a small and large radii of action. Modern models of plates began to be supplied with a sensor that controls the heating of the bottom of dishes, with its help it maintains the optimal intensity of the gas flame.

Among the gas stoves there are models of the highest class, their design excludes an open flame, it hides under the coating of ceramic type. These plates do not require cleaning and are safe to handle. 

There is a third type of cooker - it is mixed, or combined. For example, when the stove will have two electric-type burners, and the other two are gas-type, in addition, it will still have an electric oven. This type of stove can be very useful where there is an unstable supply of electricity and gas to the population.

In addition to the main burners, stoves also have such an essential element as an oven. Conventional ovens will necessarily have in its composition heating elements located at the top and bottom, this gives a uniform heating. The temperature in the oven can be regulated, in addition, it is equipped with lights and a timer.