Choosing a bread maker

Choosing a bread maker

If you do not like bakery shops and you prefer freshly baked homemade bread, then you know perfectly well that it is much tastier and healthier than what they bake in factories. And at the moment, self-preparation of bread is not necessarily painful standing in the kitchen with kneading dough and long pastries. Now, in order to enjoy delicious homemade bread, you just need to buy a bread maker. Moreover, over time, you will realize that baking bread on your own is much cheaper than buying it in a supermarket.

The big advantage of the bread machine is its ease of use. In order to bake bread, you just need to put all the necessary ingredients in the bread maker and mix them thoroughly. Just be careful: measure the exact amount of food with a special measuring cup to make the bread as good as possible. Then close the lid, click on the mode you want, and the rest of the work takes over the bread maker. After the bread is ready, a warning signal will ring. Very simple, agree?

It remains only to choose the bread maker correctly, so that it will serve you for a long time and please your appearance. The main factor when choosing a bread machine is the weight of the finished bread. On average, an ordinary bread maker makes the final product on a weight of 500–1,100 grams. You choose the weight of bread you need.

As for power, it is approximately 450-1 000 W, depending on the cost of the breadmaker. However, you shouldn’t rely only on its power, the time of bread preparation is much more important, because it’s known that the longer the bread is prepared, the richer it will be. For home baking bread, the bread machine with a capacity of 600–700 W is perfect. However, if you think such power is insufficient, you can purchase equipment with a capacity of several hundred watts more.

If we talk about the body of the bread machine, then it can be either plastic or metal, made of steel. The choice is yours, but fingers will always remain on the steel bread maker. If this does not bother you, then of course it is better to choose a stainless steel bread maker. It will serve you much longer plastic.

The important point is the usability of the bread machine. Bakeware must be non-stick and easy to remove. Immediately in the store, try to remove them and insert them back. Be sure to look in the instructions, what the body is made of, so that later it does not turn out that it is made of low-quality aluminum or alloy. Buy only stainless steel! Also do not miss the thickness of the walls of the bread machine, they must be thick enough so as not to lose shape over time.

If you want to have freshly baked bread for breakfast, be sure to ask the seller if the breadmaker has a timer. The timer is used to put it at the right time in the evening and the bread maker itself began to bake bread at a specified time.

Now on the market are bread machines with a variety of control methods: electronic, touch, using buttons. We advise you to purchase a touch-sensitive bread machine, as this is the most durable way to use.

An important point is the presence in the bread maker of special functions, such as, for example, the preparation of dough for pizza, sweet pastries, muffins and other goodies. Do you need such functions, you decide for yourself, however, judging by the customer reviews, all these functions will be used, because all the products prepared by yourself are always tastier than the store.

Pay attention to the warranty period, as well as the location of the nearest service center for the repair of household refrigerators . The warranty period should be at least one year, and better from three years.

Each breadmaker should have protective functions that ensure its protection against overheating and voltage drops. This will guarantee your safety and peace of mind if you suddenly turn off the electricity or short circuit the wiring.

The average cost of a bread machine depends on its functionality and the brand of the manufacturer. To decide only you. If you are allowed cash, then you can purchase a bread maker with a variety of different functions and devices. If you do not need them, you can buy this miracle of equipment of the average price category. However, be careful here too - a high-quality bread maker cannot be cheap.

In conclusion, it should be said that the choice of bread maker is a very important issue for the hostess. You should know exactly why you need it and whether you will use it constantly. Carefully consider the above recommendations, and you will definitely buy the best bread maker, which will bake for you a variety of delicious pastries and will not gather dust in the kitchen without work.