Care of the refrigerator

Care of the refrigerator

 How to wash the refrigerator?

In this article, we present one of the options for anti-bacterial treatment of your refrigerator and several ways to eliminate unpleasant odors. Everything  below is given in this material is not mandatory, since each housewife has its own cleaning technology, perhaps more effective than that offered by us.

To begin with, we prepare a soda solution: two tablespoons of soda are diluted per liter of water. Turn off the fridge from the outlet, free from food, not forgetting to move perishable whenever possible in a cool place. Remove from the refrigerator all the shelves, grates, sudochki, fruktovnitsy, all this plastic is my and lay out for drying.

After completely defrosting the refrigerator, in no way using sharp objects to pick up the ice, so as not to invite the refrigerator repairman , we proceed to washing the cabinet itself. Sealing rubber with my clean water, no soda solution. Then we rinse everything with clean water, wipe it with a dry towel and let it dry for a while. All is ready!!! Are you tired? So do I.

Refrigerators with the NO FROST system, once a year it is also necessary to defrost and carry out a thorough anti-bacterial treatment.

To remove the unpleasant odor, which incidentally appears in violation of the rules of hygiene, improper distribution and storage of food in the refrigerator, special filters are sold, we will offer you several popular, perhaps effective, methods for the experiment:

Finely chopped pieces of black bread.

Put a cup of water.

Arrange lemon slices on the shelves.

Put activated charcoal.

We do not forget, in our opinion, the version with a weak solution of vinegar, which has the right to exist, and of course, of course, practical modern detergents.