Car refrigerator

Car refrigerator

Motorists can improve their car with the help of refrigeration equipment, having pleased themselves and their passengers with cool drinks. A car fridge will help keep food fresh from the trip and cool drinks to quench your thirst.

What should I look for when choosing a refrigerator for a car?

To choose the right home appliances, you need to understand its purpose: how and for what it will be used. If the use is not frequent and with a small volume of capacity, the cooler bag up to 5 liters will be just right. When the family is large and it is often necessary to go to nature or transport perishable products, in this case it is necessary to select a compressor refrigerator for at least 50 liters, but this may not be enough.
It is imperative to determine the time for food storage in the refrigerator and pay attention to temperature conditions, because some products are at a temperature not higher than +7, while others should be frozen, which is –18 degrees. You need to take this into account and build on your preferences.
We must not forget about the volume of the trunk of the car, because you can choose one refrigerator, but it will not fit in volume, so to avoid disappointment, this is one of the first criteria when choosing.

Types of refrigeration equipment for cars

Cooler bags are very simple and practical to use. They keep well the temperature that the product already has, without cooling and freezing. Therefore, it is suitable for short trips where products, when removed from a cool environment, will immediately be used for their intended purpose. Still, the cooler bag can be moved from place to place, take with you on a hike, which is one of the main advantages of the product. Products store temperature for about 12 hours.
There are also thermal boxes , characteristics of use, which are similar to refrigerated bags. A thermal container is able to maintain the temperature of pre-cooled or frozen food throughout the day.
The first two types of refrigeration devices can also store hot or warm temperatures.
Thermoelectric car refrigerators is a plastic container that works in the car from the cigarette lighter, so they can maintain the temperature for more than a day. Although this kind of refrigerators and work from food, still the products are pre-frozen or cooled.
Compressor car refrigerators are able to freeze the contents to –18 degrees. Very complex design limits the spread of this kind of refrigeration equipment.
There are no moving mechanisms in absorption automobile refrigerators . This makes them head and shoulders above the compression ones, but at the same time, they don’t tolerate unevenness of the road, so you won’t go off-road with such refrigerators.