Antibacterial coating of the refrigerator

Antibacterial coating of the refrigerator

Refrigerator - an indispensable thing in every home. When purchasing food, the first place they go is a refrigerator. But it is worth considering whether it is safe to store food in this place.

Day after day, peeking, sorting out products, pulling out ready-made meals back and forth, people do not notice that microbes are brought in due to contact with the walls and shelves of the refrigerator. One thing is the freezer, where the temperature reaches from -10 to -20 degrees. But in the chilled compartment, the temperature is regulated from 0 to +6, which means that the bacteria introduced are not something that does not disappear in such an environment, but can even begin to multiply, even if this process occurs with deceleration.

How to secure your products?

Manufacturers have found a way out and created refrigerators with antibacterial coating - this is a special substance that contains silver on the walls of the device. The metal eliminates small organisms and mold fungus, prevents further multiplication of microorganisms inside the refrigeration device, creates an optimal environment for the safety of products, prevents the loss of pesticides during the period of use.

The danger of bacteria

Many faced bad breath in the fridge. Naturally, after the appearance of the smell, the hostesses begin to carry out general cleaning in the refrigerating chamber. And there are such cases when at the end of cleaning the smell does not erode. This indicates that bacteria have bred inside the device. Microorganisms can cause the formation of mold, which is known to adapt to any conditions and is predisposed to development. This is dangerous due to the fact that products may be damaged, as well as damage to the surface of the refrigerator. This can be seen when cleaning, when cleaning products can not cope with pollution.

Raw meat, seafood, fish, unwashed vegetables can also become pathogens of bacteria - not only the quality of the products is important, but also their proper storage. It must be remembered that this can lead to serious illnesses.

Silver properties as antiseptic

Today, the cost of refrigerators with antibacterial coating is much more expensive than the cost of a conventional unit. But the production of such devices takes into account the desire of consumers to purchase goods at an affordable price.

Silver has antiseptic properties. For example, in India, a country of extraordinary traditions, after death, the burial of the deceased occurs in an unusual way: it is placed on the ferry and allowed to flow along the holy river. But what contributes to the fact that in this river there are no infections, and its water is suitable for drinking?

The river is full of oxygen, so it is a strong oxidizing agent, which not only prevents the reproduction of parasites, but also leads to their death. And the river bed is rich in large accumulations of silver deposits, and when the ions get into the waters of the river, they purify it from harmful microorganisms, and thus the water becomes clean.

The same can be noticed if you do the experiment with a silver spoon, dipping it in unpurified water. Silver will significantly improve water quality.

How does antiseptic eliminate germs?

The pulverization of silver on the inside of the surface of refrigeration devices reduces the number of pests and prevents their reproduction. The thickness of the coating up to 100 microns.

Manufacturers of refrigerators approach this problem differently, giving the consumer the right to choose. The buyer has the opportunity to buy goods using different technologies. Electrolux are equipped with ABC Sanitized technology. Due to the transparent ceramic spraying, which contains silver, it interacts with microbes and prevents the reproduction of bacteria of any type.

The German brand Bosch has developed a technology called AgION. The antiseptic coating is evenly distributed on the anti-corrosion wall on the plane of the refrigerating chamber. Silver particles destroy harmful bacteria, preventing them from multiplying. This coating can destroy the most dangerous microbes.

Samsung is offering the development of Silver Nano. Similar production of antibacterial coatings. Under the influence of an antiseptic metal, the risk of reproduction of harmful microbes is minimal.

When developing antibacterial coatings, manufacturers primarily care about your health. After all, refrigerators coated with silver reduce the risk of infectious diseases. But we must remember that the products also require good processing before they go into the refrigerator. Vegetables and fruits should be washed in hot water. Dispose of meat, fish and other perishable products before the storage period expires. It is recommended to store products in special containers, as it will be difficult for bacteria to get to the surface of the products and harm their storage.