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Repair of refrigerators in Kiev and the Kiev region is guaranteed to take care of the trouble-free operation of your household appliances, especially such an important item in your home as a refrigerator, since a person needs food every day and you always need to worry about your own health and safety of food. Our repair of refrigerators at home in Kiev and the Kiev region will not only be able to help you out in difficult times and save you in difficult times of unexpected breakdown of such a necessary piece of kitchen equipment as a refrigerator, but also our refrigerator repair will give you the opportunity of subsequent warranty service.

Here you can repair refrigerators: samsung, bosch, ariston, indesit, whirlpool, lg, snaige, gorenje ... , which are now one of the most popular and high-quality, long-established in the world market as high-tech and durable manufacturers of refrigeration equipment ... At the same time, durability does not mean eternity, each equipment and its parts have a resource laid down by the manufacturer, which in turn is not interested in repairing your refrigerator after the expiration of the warranty period and does everything possible so that you buy a new refrigerator instead of repairing the refrigerator. To date, humanity has not invented anything eternal, any mechanism, part or material is subject to gradual wear and tear. Therefore, we often face the problem of repairing a refrigerator or any other device. Some of the most essential for us are household appliances that provide our daily life with everything we need. This applies equally to repairing refrigerators and repairing freezers.

At first glance, equipment often behaves unpredictably, but our refrigerator repairmen will always find a logical explanation for this behavior, which is why there are services such as repairing refrigerators in Kiev and Kiev region at home like ours to help a broken refrigerator and repair it so that it works flawlessly and without interruption as before. We carry out all the main types of work on the repair of refrigerators: replacement of the motor-compressor, leakage in the foamed part, filling with refrigerant, replacing the thermostat, replacing the starting relay, repairing the electronic part, repairing the electrical part.

You can always repair refrigerators in Kiev by cash or bank transfer:

Darnytskyi district

Dniprovskyi district

Desnyanskiy district

Obolonsky district

 Repair of refrigerators in the Kiev region:

The smaller the settlement, the more difficult it is to find a good specialist in professional repair of refrigeration equipment. And therefore, the search for a master sometimes turns into a real torture - you need to call your friends and look for him by word of mouth, spend long hours on the Internet ...

However, there is an alternative - you can invite a master from another city. Our company, for example, provides services - repair of refrigerators in the Kiev region.

Our advantages

We can say without false modesty that we provide excellent service at quite affordable prices.

We guarantee the quality of the repair. After the breakdown is eliminated, your refrigerator will serve you for a long time and the work of the master will even extend its life. If you need to replace certain components, we use only original and high-quality parts from the manufacturer, which are suitable specifically for your model of equipment.

We offer really reasonable prices and transparent and honest calculation. First, diagnostics are carried out, and already based on it, the master calls the exact cost of future repairs. Whether to agree to this amount is up to you, but you will be sure that you will not be asked for more than the declared value.

The repairs are carried out as quickly as possible and without delaying the deadlines (we have no talk - "But now I will go home, and tomorrow I will come with a special screwdriver"). It is beneficial for both us and you to complete the work as quickly as possible.

Another advantage of ours is our craftsmen. These are professionals who perfectly understand refrigeration equipment of various models from all world manufacturers. And they are polite, well-mannered, calm specialists.

Departure of the master in the Kiev region

Boryspil district

Brovarsky district

Obukhiv district

Vyshgorodsky district

The specialists of our company are ready to travel to any of the following settlements in the Kiev region. Of course, in this case, it is necessary to agree in advance about the time of arrival of a specialist and repairs "within an hour" are excluded. However, we guarantee that the work will be done very quickly and, most importantly, with high quality. And our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our managers by phone numbers indicated on the website and get an individual consultation.

Our repair service takes care of the quality of its service in order to leave only positive and most positive impressions about us. You can always contact our company about repairing a refrigerator in Kiev and Kiev region and our refrigerator repair specialists will always be able to come to the place of the breakdown and diagnose the problem with the refrigerator. Contact us and we will make sure that your refrigerator after repair works the same way as on the first day of purchase. Our repair of refrigerators in Kiev and Kiev region is reliable and durable:  (044) 592-34-67, (050) 466-22-33, (097) 760-40-60, (093) 11-44-55-6.

Agreed time

Agreed time

Quality of Service

Quality of Service

Parts warranty

Parts warranty

Repair by installments

Repair by installments

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At me the department of a freezer in refrigerator Bosh has ceased to work and that products in a freezer finally did not die urgently began to search for the expert. Responded very quickly, all fixed in the agreed time. Thank you)


I am grateful to your master, have repaired the refrigerator for an affordable price, excellent service, if anything, I would recommend it to my acquaintances. Thank you

Galina Petrovna

Called the master, called back quickly, clarified the breakdown and convenient time for repairs. Master came changed the compressor, now the refrigerator is working, thank the master for the work done.


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