Repair of refrigerators and not only

Types of refrigerator repair without spare parts with spare parts
Refrigerator sealing rubber do not install do not install
Call mechanic + diagnostics in Kiev 250.00 UAH. 250.00 UAH.
Departure in the Kiev region contractual contractual
Replacement of the motor-compressor of the refrigerator from 1100.00 UAH from 3000.00 UAH
Refueling refrigerant R600A, R134A from 1100.00 UAH from 1100.00 UAH
Replacement of the refrigerator thermostat from 550.00 UAH from 750.00 UAH
Replacing the start relay of the refrigerator from 550.00 UAH from 750.00 UAH
Replacing the heater (heater) of the evaporator from 550.00 UAH from 950.00 UAH
Replacing the blower fan from 550.00 UAH from 850.00 UAH
Defrost timer replacement no frost from 550.00 UAH from 850.00 UAH
Replacing the temperature sensor (sensor) from 550.00 UAH from 850.00 UAH
Replacing the refrigerator defrost relay from 550.00 UAH from 850.00 UAH
Repair of the electronic module (fee) from 750.00 UAH from 750.00 UAH
Minor refrigerator repairs from 550.00 UAH from 550.00 UAH
Minimal refrigerator repair      550.00 UAH      550.00 UAH
Built-in refrigerator    +250.00 hryvnas.    +250.00 hryvnas.

* Prices for the repair of refrigerators in Kiev and Kiev region should be preliminarily clarified by phone, the exact cost of repairs after the diagnosis of the refrigerator.

Cash -  at the end of the repair of your home appliances, payment in cash on the spot.

Credit cards -  visa, master card: POS - teominal,  payment via mobile payment system "Privat Bank" -  "IPAY".

Cashless -  kind of payment for all kommpany with any form of activity, both public and private:

1. Diagnosis and determination of the cost of repairs to our expert.

2. Predosavlyaete details of your company for drawing up the score relevant invoice.

3. We will provide a package of documents:

- Account - invoice;

- A copy of an extract from the register;

- A copy of entrepreneur;

- A copy of the last two payments of tax.

4. We are waiting for payment to our payment details:

p \ s - 26008052737113,

PAT KB branch of Kiev Pechersk PAT KB Private Bank

MFO - 300711

EDRPOU / INN - 2621602597.

5. Upon receipt of the payment is made repairs.

6. Peredaёm you act on the execution of works.

Payment parts -  Ulugh is available to owners of payment cards of "Private Bank", the total amount can be divided into equal parts and 24 months at 0%. To test the ability to pay by this method send SMS to "Private Bank" with text 10060 chast, in response to your SMS will come with the necessary information about the service or pozvnite potderzhki by number of customers, "Private Bank" - 3700.

Payment in installments - for repairs from 1500 hryvnia and higher household refrigerators, washing machines for a period of 3 months at 0%, with an initial payment of 30% of the cost of repairs.

A method for producing installments in your home, without any travel:

1. Diagnosis of the problem and determine the cost of repairs to our expert.

2. Documents: a passport, indefikatsionny code.

3. The questionnaire submitted to our expert.

4. We expect the positive decision of our financial partner, no more than  24 hours.

Agreed time

Agreed time

Quality of Service

Quality of Service

Parts warranty

Parts warranty

Repair by installments

Repair by installments

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At me the department of a freezer in refrigerator Bosh has ceased to work and that products in a freezer finally did not die urgently began to search for the expert. Responded very quickly, all fixed in the agreed time. Thank you)


I am grateful to your master, have repaired the refrigerator for an affordable price, excellent service, if anything, I would recommend it to my acquaintances. Thank you

Galina Petrovna

Called the master, called back quickly, clarified the breakdown and convenient time for repairs. Master came changed the compressor, now the refrigerator is working, thank the master for the work done.


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