Repair of refrigerators and not only

We offer you high-quality and timely repair of refrigerators at home in Kyiv and Kyiv region for cash and cashless payments, repair of refrigerators and repair of freezers in installments or credit. At home, repairing refrigerators in Kyiv and Kyiv region is performed at a pre-agreed time convenient for both parties, for all replacement parts that have become unusable, which after diagnostics of your household appliances will be determined by our specialist, a guarantee is issued with the contact information, the name and signature of the mechanic who performed the repair refrigerator for up to six months.

The arrival time of our specialists and the start of repairing the refrigerator depends on many factors: the workload at the time of the application, the complexity of the repair work, the distance from the settlements in the Kyiv region, the traffic load of Kiev. Therefore, all orders for the repair of the refrigerator in Kyiv and Kyiv region are taken at an interval of two hours and the mechanic's waiting time is also two hours. Urgent repair of refrigerators Kyiv and Kyiv region is not performed. Specify all information about the time and deadlines in a telephone conversation when coordinating the application, we are trying to keep to the schedule, in case of a delay, our mechanic will contact you. We hope for your understanding of the complexity of the time limits when repairing refrigerators at home in Kyiv and Kyiv region.

Mechanics "M-Repair" for repairing refrigerators in Kiev and the region at home have highly qualified specialized training, have a rich and long-term experience in servicing modern refrigerators and other household appliances. Our master refrigerators in Kiev are equipped with modern diagnostic tools for the correct qualified diagnosis of refrigerators, freezers, washing machines.

Our refrigeration repair specialists can perform correct diagnostics and high-quality repairs of most possible malfunctions of the refrigeration unit of modern manufacturers - samsung, bosch, ariston, indesit, whirlpool, lg, snaige, gorenje ... refrigerant circuit, elimination of leakage, replacement of the refrigerator motor-compressor, replacement of the start relay, thermostat, temperature sensor, defrost ten, timer, damper, repair of the no frost system of the refrigerator.

Agreed time

Agreed time

Quality of Service

Quality of Service

Parts warranty

Parts warranty

Repair by installments

Repair by installments

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At me the department of a freezer in refrigerator Bosh has ceased to work and that products in a freezer finally did not die urgently began to search for the expert. Responded very quickly, all fixed in the agreed time. Thank you)


I am grateful to your master, have repaired the refrigerator for an affordable price, excellent service, if anything, I would recommend it to my acquaintances. Thank you

Galina Petrovna

Called the master, called back quickly, clarified the breakdown and convenient time for repairs. Master came changed the compressor, now the refrigerator is working, thank the master for the work done.


About company

Your refrigerator has broken: does it not turn off, does not freeze, is covered with ice, is leaking, is it very noisy, or are the indicators not functioning? Need to urgently and inexpensively cope with the problem? So, the workshop for the repair of refrigerators in Kiev and Kiev region "M-Repair" is at your service! Our highly qualified specialists will carry out an accurate diagnosis, detect the malfunction and quickly eliminate it, providing quality assurance.

Importance for professionals

Repair and restoration is a difficult task, which only experienced and technically equipped specialists can do. Otherwise, if you give preference to the masters who do not value their reputation, then the correction will be delayed for an indefinite period, and the final price will be significantly overestimated. Also, the installed low-quality parts and the unidentified reason for the formation of faults will certainly affect the performance of the equipment, and it will quickly fail. And all this entails additional time and money. But all this can be avoided if you immediately contact our workshop "M-Repair".

Why is it profitable and reliable with us?

Professional approach. We employ exceptionally experienced craftsmen with all the necessary tolerances and knowledge in the field of refrigeration repair. They are equipped with high-precision instruments, effective tools and certified parts. All this allows them to cope with any difficult problem quickly and efficiently, regardless of the manufacturer and brand of device: AEG, LG, Samsung, Indesit, Ariston, Beko, Bosch, Gorenje.

Affordable price. We directly purchase original spare parts, so we have completely excluded the unprofitable intermediary chain, which makes contacting us most beneficial for our customers.

Long warranty. We value our reputation, so we do everything conscientiously, starting with the purchase of original parts and ending with comprehensive problem solving. All this gives us the opportunity to issue guarantees for our services and installed parts, for up to 6 months.

Comfortable solution. For the convenience of our customers, we perform all troubleshooting tasks directly at the installation site of the refrigeration equipment: house, apartment, office, restaurant, shop, etc.

Our services for the repair of refrigerators include:

• diagnostics;
• filling with freon;
• replacement of the heater;
• replacement of the compressor;
• replacement of loops, handles;
• installation of the thermostat;
• restoration of the control module.

From accepting the application to restoring the operation of the device, there are only 5 stages

. 1. You submit an application for the repair of refrigerators at home and agree on some nuances (manufacturer and model of the equipment, address and convenient time for the master's arrival).
2. The specialist arrives at the specified address, identifies the malfunction itself and the reasons that led to the breakdown, replaces non-working parts and checks for stable operation of the device.
3. Delivers the finished result to the customer, instructs, receives payment, issues a receipt and issues a warranty card.

We are waiting for your calls now!

There were questions, want to clarify the cost of repairing the refrigerator in Kiev and Kiev region, some important details and order services? Just write to us in the feedback form or call. Our manager will provide you with comprehensive information, process your application and accept it for execution.